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Backpack belt ZA09-104

Backpack belt ZA09-104

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Uniquely developed load distribution belt “ZeRoG”
The three different types of core materials placed inside the belt allow the belt to fit widely around the shoulders and distribute the load.
By creating a lightweight feeling, it reduces the burden on the body.
Comes with a chest belt to prevent it from slipping down.

■Please check■
This product is for replacement.
New Dulles series backpacks come with a pair of backpack belts.
Compatible with New Dulles series F2/F4/F4+ [products whose part numbers start with DS2/DS4/DS5].

■Product name
backpack belt
polyester/artificial leather
■ size
Body/approx. 455-885mm
Chest belt/approx. 115-300mm
Thickness/approx. 10mm
About 240g

*All numbers are approximate. Due to individual differences, the size may differ slightly from the stated size.
*The color and texture of the published photos may differ slightly from the actual product due to lighting, monitor usage, etc.
*Packing more than the appropriate storage capacity may cause damage to the product.

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